Position Statements

As leaders in wildlife science, management and conservation, The Wildlife Society has a responsibility to address national and international issues that affect the current and future status of wildlife in North America and throughout the world. The diligent development of authoritative statements on wildlife issues is essential for interjecting wildlife concerns into decision-making processes.

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Technical Reviews

The Wildlife Society Council periodically charges a special committee to develop a technical paper on a wildlife management or conservation issue of current concern. The Society’s Technical Review series contains scientific papers related to prominent topics and issues in wildlife science, management, conservation, and policy written by panels of experts.

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Fact Sheets

The Wildlife Society publishes fact sheets related to various wildlife management and conservation issues.  Fact Sheets provide a concise explanation of the topic from a purely scientific perspective.  These publications are available for anyone to print and distribute.

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Policy Library

The Wildlife Society, and its chapters and sections, regularly communicate with legislative bodies and government agencies regarding policy issues that affect wildlife and wildlife professionals through letters, comments and testimony.

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Policy Briefs

The Policy Brief Series provides information on several different policies related to wildlife management and conservation. Each Policy Brief focuses on a specific federal policy or program and describes how it operates and its impact to wildlife and wildlife professionals.

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Policy Priority Reference Lists

The Policy Priority Reference Lists provide source information on journal articles related to TWS’ ten policy priorities.

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Policy Toolkit

The Conservation Affairs Network Policy Toolkit provides TWS members and Conservation Affairs Committees with information and guidance for policy engagement at all levels of government.

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