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The Wildlife Society’s Peer-Reviewed Journals

TWS’ lineup of peer-reviewed journals are premier sources of wildlife conservation and management research, evaluations, and recommendations. Wildlife biologists, managers, and policy makers rely on the research published in TWS’ journals to make policy and management decisions that affect wildlife populations, their habitats, and the public’s enjoyment of their resource.

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The Journal of Wildlife Management

The Journal of Wildlife Management is a leading research journal driving wildlife management and conservation recommendations. The journal focuses on biology and ecology of wildlife and their habitats that can lead to management and conservation recommendations, new approaches to quantitative analysis, and commentaries or reviews pertaining to wildlife management..

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Wildlife Society Bulletin

The Wildlife Society Bulletin (WSB) is a fully open-access resource evaluating wildlife management and conservation practices. The journal publishes evaluations of management actions, articles integrating science and policy, economics, descriptions of new techniques and technology, opinion articles, case studies, and field insights .

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Wildlife Monographs

Wildlife Monographs are focused investigations in wildlife conservation and management. This journal is an outlet for fully comprehensive studies on focused topics in wildlife science, management, and conservation.

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The Wildlife Professional Magazine

The Wildlife Professional is an award-winning magazine that publishes wildlife science news, analysis, commentaries, and conservation stories. The magazine provides a key platform for the wildlife profession to learn and discuss various approaches to conservation, new techniques in the field, effects of policy decisions, ethics, and major areas of challenge and opportunities facing the profession. This magazine, an exclusive benefit of TWS membership, relies on contributed articles from authors like you to be a success!

The Wildlife Society’s Books

The Wildlife Society’s book series, published in partnership with Johns Hopkins University Press, covers a wide variety of topics related to wildlife management, conservation and policy.