Download the student chapter toolkit for helpful advice on how to run your student chapter, including advice on fundraising, student chapter operations, and professional development.


The above video about TWS, titled ‘The Wildlife Society – 75 Years and Counting’, is available here for student chapters to use during their meetings. The video provides an overview on the history of the Society, member benefits, professional development opportunities, and potential careers in the wildlife profession.


Complete and submit the following forms to Jennifer Murphy at If the petition and bylaws are approved the student chapter will receive three-year interim status. During this period the chapter must maintain correspondence with the Certification and Outreach Manager and comply with all annual reporting requirements. Assuming all requirements are met, official status will be granted after three years.

Rules & Other Resources

  • TWS Reporting Requirements

    Submit the following forms to Jennifer Murphy at

    Within 20 days of your annual elections and any other change in officers, submit the Student Chapter Officer Report to ensure that your officers continue to receive important news and updates from TWS headquarters.

    By January 31, the treasurer must complete and submit the student chapter’s Tax Report Form.

    By January 31, complete and submit your Annual Report.

  • IRS Reporting Requirements

    Sections and Chapters can lose their tax-exempt status and face considerable fines if they fail to file required reports to the IRS. To understand your responsibilities in this important area, download and review the Subunit IRS Reporting Requirements document. Sections and Chapters will usually file one of two forms to the IRS:

    IRS e-postcard (Form 990N) for subunits whose yearly gross revenue is less than $50,000 and for those subunits that didn’t pay for lobbying – must be submitted to IRS by May 15 each year; TWS Staff will submit this form on your behalf and send you confirmation.
    Form 990-EZ for subunits whose yearly gross revenue is more than $50,000 and/or for those subunits that paid for lobbying – must be submitted to IRS by May 15 each year; forward confirmation to Jennifer Murphy at, by May 15.
    Student chapters cannot apply to be under TWS group exemption while they are in interim status. If and when official status is reached they may apply.

  • Waiver & Release of Liability Form

    Varying levels of risk are involved whenever a group makes educational opportunities and events available to members, guests and other individuals. In these situations, your chapter should consider asking participants to complete the TWS Waiver and Release of Liability form.

  • Administrative Support

    The Wildlife Society staff and Council actively encourage the formation and success of student chapters and provide ongoing assistance to them. Administrative support is provided primarily by the TWS Certification and Outreach Manager. Staff support of student chapters may consist of, but is not limited to, promoting membership; collecting annual dues; maintaining membership lists; providing space for student chapter news in TWS’ publications and on TWS’ website; fostering meetings, seminars, and other forums for student chapters; providing technical assistance with e-newsletters, other publications, and electronic communications; and other actions as Council or the Executive Director deem appropriate.

  • TWS Logo

    Thinking of printing stationary for your chapter, section, or working group? Are you designing a new logo for your organization unit? Download the various TWS logo files below.

    Any designs using The Wildlife Society’s logo, including t-shirts, must be approved in advance by TWS to ensure that the designs are in conformance with the TWS mission and objectives. A PDF and request for approval can be sent to Jennifer Murphy at

    Click here for the TWS logo in color.

    Click here for the TWS logo in high resolution.

    Click here for the TWS logo in black & white.


Student Chapters are invited to nominate themselves for the award by completing the Student Chapter of the Year Application Form. Email all materials as a single PDF file to by May 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST. The nomination and all supporting documentation must NOT exceed 20 pages. PDFs of over 20 pages will NOT be accepted.