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The November/December issue of The Wildlife Professional

Still Alive: On its 50th anniversary, the Endangered Species Act may be more relevant—and controversial—than ever

Read Now November 16, 2023
November 22, 2023

JWM: Wild turkeys may face a tougher future in a warmer world

Climate change may create more difficulties for struggling populations

November 21, 2023

Mexican wolf wanders far beyond introduction area

U.S. wildlife managers are tracking it but have no immediate plan for capture

November 20, 2023

Earth experiences hottest year on record

Report finds 90% of the world experienced at least 10 days of temperatures “strongly affected by climate change”

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November 21, 2023

JWM: Invasive fire ants reduce butterfly abundance

Pollinator trapping experiment reveals another way that imported ants may be affecting the ecosystem

November 17, 2023

Wild Cam: Coyote scavenging affects small carnivore behavior

Bobcats may act leery when coyotes have recently visited a gut pile

November 15, 2023

Moose gravitate toward seismic lines

The species prefer the younger forest along the seismic survey lines

November 14, 2023

Wild Cam: Targeting invasive caiman hatchlings helps with their population removal

Wildlife managers remove invasive reptiles from Everglades during 10-year project

November 7, 2023

TWS 2023: Building trust in science

How can scientists combat misinformation?

November 2, 2023

TWS2022: Private ranches host largest U.S. ocelot population

Ocelot tracking in Texas reveals a wider tolerance for habitat type than previously thought

October 30, 2023

Golf course gators munch on more spider, insects

Alligators eat more spiders and insects than their non-golf course counterparts

October 18, 2023

WSB: Metal detectors uncover ingested fishhooks in turtles

Low-cost technology can give quick answers in field work

September 26, 2023

Birds experience lower nest survival near an Alaskan oilfield

Prudhoe Bay oilfield infrastructure can impact songbird and shorebird nesting